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Andruchow Family

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Andruchow OCMC Missionary Family

As a missionary for the Lord Pres. Merilynn provides a motherly presence for the boys at the orphanage, and she coordinate the intern program that allows dozens of young adults every summer to volunteer and lead the homebuilding trips. She also works her husband to grow Orthodoxy in northern Mexico while helping to promote the ministry throughout the United States.

Pres. Merilynn's journey into the mission field began when she was 25 years old. She grew up as a cradle Orthodox Christian in the Greek Orthodox Church and was very involved in the life of the church but she never had a personal relationship with God. She felt empty, lacking a reason to live. A dear friend suggested that she say the Lord’s Prayer every day…even though they were just words to her. She did it and then her eyes gradually started to open to God’s presence in her life.

The next Summer She went on an OCMC mission trip to Ghana, Africa. That September she moved to Brookline, Massachusetts to learn more about Orthodoxy at Holy Cross Theological School and ended up graduating with a Master’s degree in Church Service with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. After graduation she worked as a Youth Director for Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Houston, TX and later at St. Katherine’s Church in Redondo Beach, California. During that time she also ministered for a year as a hospital chaplain.

In 1997 she married her husband, Fr. Nicholas Andruchow. Since then the Lord has blessed them with three incredible boys, Joshua (21), Luke (19) Elias (16). There joureny has spanned years at St. Vladimir’s seminary while her husband studied to be a priest, ten years at a Greek Orthodox parish in Flagstaff, Arizona and now ten years living at St. Innocent Orphanage where Fr. Nicholas serves as the head priest and Associate Director of Project Mexico.

Please consider supporting the work of the Andruchow family and Church in Tijuana either through your prayers, your time or your financial gift. And ultimately may your generosity give glory to God working in the world!


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