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Faeli Heise

Missionary Serving in Mexico


Latest update

Faeli is currently on a sabbatical for a semester at Hellenic College, to further her education and equip her for ongoing service as a missionary. She expects to return to the field in late spring/early summer, and is grateful for your ongoing prayers and support!

Faeli Heise

Faeli graduated high school from St. Raphael School (SRS) a semester early in December 2017. While enrolled at Genesee Community College, she continued her relationship with SRS/Schole academy and worked as a student teacher, TA, and admin assistant. This prayerful, spiritual basis of her education at St. Raphael was the backdrop of her late childhood and teen years.

However, after her summer internship at Project Mexico in 2019, she ran head-long into a closed door when her spot in the class of ‘23 at a prestigious private college was dropped by a mere paperwork fluke. This abrupt change in her plans led her on a 2 year stretch of wandering while continuing her online work with SRS, moving state to state, and picking up different nannying jobs.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, God led Faeli to Project Mexico in Tijuana on her fourth visit there. A 2 month period of time stretched into 3, and Faeli realized God was asking her to stay put.

Bewildered, elated, and frightened all at once, Faeli said “yes” to His ask in August 2020. She dove into her work with the boys at St. Innocent Orphanage as an online school tutor & companion. She is indescribably thankful to be surrounded by the boys, growing her faith and acting as a co-worker with Christ as she learns from them.

Please consider participating in her work in Tijuana through your prayers and financial gift.



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