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Nathan is a professor in the Department of Social Theology and Religious Studies at Logos University.

National Children's Office

In the Central Children’s Office, Nathan and Gabriela lead a staff of about 15 Albanians engaging in the evangelism and discipleship of children and their families in the Archdiocese of Tirana. The primary goal of the Children’s Office is to foster the development of local parishes, through partnering with clergy and other parish members to build strong communities where children and their families engage in a lifelong journey of growth and transformation in Christ. The Children’s Office invests substantial time and resources in the Christian formation of parents in order to equip them to disciple their own children. This is an urgent need in a country where a generation ago all religious faith and practice were illegal.


Nathan represents the Orthodox Church of Albania at a number of international gatherings, including the official dialogues with the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation. Nathan also serves on the steering committee of the Lausanne-Orthodox initiative (LOI), is a member of the Advisory Council for World Vision Albania, and is on the board of the Inter-Confessional Bible Society.