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Michael began his involvement with the apostolic ministry in Oceania April 2019 when travelled to Tonga at the invitation of His Eminence Metropolitan Myron of New Zealand to assess the work needed to complete the Church of St. George. Michael raised funds and returned to Tonga in March 2020 with a team of workers to continue progress on completing the new church building, dedicated to the Great Martyr George. Since that time, Michael and Meghan have increasingly assisted the Metropolis of New Zealand with fundraising and internet outreach to support the growing communities of faithful Orthodox Christians in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa & Tonga.

Michael is a licensed building contractor, small business owner and tonsured reader of the Orthodox Church and will be assisting with the following duties:

  • repair and restoration projects on existing structures
  • construction of homes, schools and churches
  • coordinating and leading volunteer work crews from overseas
  • internet outreach and ministry
  • fundraising for the archdiocese
  • assisting with the divine services
  • providing instruction in Byzantine Chant and the liturgical arts.

Meghan is a professional teacher and will be assisting with:

  • classroom instruction
  • instruction in English as a second language
  • catechism
  • coordinating community events
  • fundraising for the archdiocese
  • hosting and supporting volunteer work crews
  • assisting with the divine services
Construction of the Church of St. George
Nuku'alofa, Tonga

 St. George Church in Tonga




 Church of St. George - Tonga Project  

Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa

Tonga Mission Beautification Project

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Project goal

The metropolis of New Zealand is re-starting mission efforts in Tonga. Due to covid lockdowns, the mission of the church of St. George and it's property has been without a priest and routine maintenance for three years. The aim is to restore the property, resume liturgical services, and provide a peaceful space for all to draw closer to Christ in Tonga.