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Ministries & Projects


Seminary Establishment & Theological Instruction

Michael and Carlyn will be helping to establish the San Basilio Orthodox Seminary of the Orthodox Church of America, Diocese of Mexico in Hidalgo, Mexico. Michael will be assigned as an instructor of Liturgics and other subjects. They will both also be involved in helping establish the neighboring Dormition of the Theotokos Orthodox Monastery. His Eminence Alejo’s plan is to build an institution to train men for the service of the Church in a manner that is modeled after Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary and Monastery in the United States. Additionally, there are plans for Michael to travel throughout the diocese and train the existing clergy on the liturgical standard that the diocese hopes to adopt.

Parish Formation & Catechism

Michael and Carlyn will assist in starting a mission parish in Queretaro, Mexico, where Carlyn will be the catechist and children’s ministry director. This parish will be part of the OCA Diocese of Mexico, a diocese which is steadily spreading throughout Mexico. Michael and Carlyn will also help support the travel and logistical needs of clergy who frequently travel to Veracruz, Mexico, where there are numerous indigenous towns that are in need of priests and religious instruction.