the Sarigianis Family

The Sarigianis OCMC Missionary Family

After two years of faithful service as missionaries, Steve & Theophani Sarigianis have recently returned to the United States to welcome their first child. 

As missionaries in Albania, they taught at the Protagonist School, led retreats and regular bible studies, coordinated camps for youth and young adults, and worked with the church’s radio station, Radio Ngjallja, all while impacting many lives throughout Albania. In 2022, Steve and Theophani also participated in “A World Conference on Orthodox Youth” in Suprasl, Poland, where they spoke about the importance of mission work to an audience of 16- to 30-year-olds from 20 countries.

We are grateful for their service as OCMC missionaries and their willingness to share their talents in support of the growth of the Church in Albania. We look forward to seeing how, as a family, they continue to share their missionary focus in service to the Church.

With this return and transition, their funding needs are satisfied. We ask that you consider supporting other OCMC missionaries; please feel free to contact our missionary director, Fr. Rob, at to explore this.