Fundraising Tips


 Never miss an opportunity to ask! There are countless ways to fundraise, so look at the tips below to see how they can work for you and your Team. If this is your first time doing an event like this, you can be an incredible fundraiser.




Tips for getting your fundraising started:


  • Lead by example


Make a self-donation to show your commitment to the cause. No gift is too small. It can help get you started.


  • Utilize Social media


Share your experience online. Post images, videos, and messages.  Encourage your friends and family to help spread the word of your mission by sharing your posts. Include a direct link to your Team and Personal Fundraising Pages. 


  • Send Emails


From your Participant Center, you can customize messages with pictures and your personal story. You can ask family and friends to email your fundraising page URL to their contacts or their Church family. Send updated messages about your trek, how many miles you've completed, and your fundraising progress. They can be regular updates each week.

For example: Send messages each week on Tuesday or Thursday between 10am-11am & 8pm-12am.


  • Make it Personal


Post a thank you video, picture, or message on social media. Go live during your activity and give “Shout Outs” to your friends and family who donated. Follow up with a thank you email/letter.


  • Organize a Pledging Team


Go around and ask members in your community to make a pledge to support you by donating ‘x’ dollars per team or individual mile. E.g. Your goal is 100 miles, someone pledges $0.50 per mile you complete! View our Pledge Form for more details. 


  • Birthday Gift Fundraiser


Ask for gifts to your Fundraising Page for your birthday or the holidays.


  • Stay Connected


Follow OCMC on Facebook for news and Trek-specific updates!





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