KISUMU, KENYA – Do you love teaching? Join this Virtual Team to reach out to the clergy wives of Kisumu Diocese and teach how they can establish a project which will help the women support themselves.

Over the last ten years, Orthodox Mission Teams have offered four retreats for clergy wives in the Orthodox Diocese of Kisumu & Western Kenya. Even during the last year, a very successful Virtual Team continued this effort. Each of these events has been a source of encouragement and joy to all the women involved. This 2022 Virtual Team will be an opportunity to, once again, touch the lives of others and offer encouragement. Topics for this event have been chosen by the women of the Clergy Wives group in Kenya.

The presence of the Orthodox Church in Kenya started less than a century ago with the vision of a few individuals who wanted to worship Christ in a church that was both historic and apostolic. By the end of the 1980’s a Bishop was assigned by the Patriarch of Alexandria, and a seminary was established. These two actions were instrumental in the next stage of the Church’s growth. Today the Church in Kenya consists of hundreds of clergy, numerous schools, a college, clinics, and the theological seminary. Because the Church has grown and covers a large area, the Patriarchate of Alexandria divided the region into smaller dioceses in 2015. Presently, the Church has three hierarchs, His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Kenya, Bishop Neophytos of Nyeri and Mount Kenya and Bishop Marcos of Kisumu and Western Kenya.

With a population of about 51 million people, Kenya is a culturally rich nation with a blend of different cultures and ethnic groups. It has one of the highest literacy rates in all of Africa and it is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. About 25% of the population live in major cities, although most Kenyans live at a subsistence level, growing crops and rearing animals. It is estimated that 43% of the population live under the poverty line (earning under $2/day). One thing that is concerning the faithful, and especially the youth, is finding hope in these unstable times. Employment, quality education, disintegration of the family structure and many social concerns are present challenges that impact the lives of Kenyans.


Individuals (men and women) with experience in lending circles, nonprofits, or revolving loans can contribute towards this effort.    



Dates: May 14, 2022

Cost: $60 registration fee

Fund raising – Team Members are encouraged to support, and fund raise to make this event successful.

Share in a journey of faith… Orthodox Mission Team members are challenged to view the world with God's eyes and seek how He wants to use them to fulfill His plans. This cross-cultural experience, combined with outreach, offers participants a life-changing learning experience. This experience is about people, culture and missions. It is also about prayer, for you and others; it is about God, those you serve, and about yourself, as you serve Him.