2020 Virtual Trek4Missions

The Catalina Channel
The Catalina Channel

Swim for Hope

 Welcome to the Swim For Hope Fundraising Page hosted on the OCMC Trek4Missions event site.

Swim For Hope is an annual fundraiser organized by Fr. Simeon Corona, pastor of St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church in El Cajon, CA. Every year since 2015, Fr. Simeon, otherwise known as Aqua Padre, has demonstrated his love for philanthropy and swimming by committing to long swim fundraisers to support various nonprofit ministries.

Fr. Simeon and the Swim For Hope crew for many years have completed the 16-mile swim from Point Loma, San Diego down to the Coronado Islands. In 2020, they do not plan to slow down. In fact, they intend to accomplish their longest distance yet, the Catalina Channel.

This 20-mile venture is one of the most popular marathon swims in the world and Aqua Padre’s dream swim. Each participant, those swimming or kayaking, are thrilled to take on this amazing feat to benefit the work of Orthodox missions.

All donations raised will support the Orthodox mission efforts of Project Mexico and OCMC, who share a strong partnership. Both ministries strive to raise communities and train missionaries who preach the Good News to ends of the earth. Consider sponsoring Fr. Simeon and the Swim for Hope crew on their trek. You can visit their fundraising pages to donate to them directly, hear more about their journey, and get updates on their mission.

Two countries, two organizations, one ocean, one God.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…(Isaiah 43:2)


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Josef and Effie Candelario parishioners of St. Gregory turned OCMC missionaries going to Sweden!

Swim for Hope 2019: Final staging before departure. 

Swim For Hope 2019, Swimmers at the end of the day. Great job everyone! Let's make it this year!

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