Frequently Asked Questions 



 Q: What is Trek4Missions?

 The Orthodox Christian Mission Center’s Trek4Missions is our nation-wide event to raise awareness and funds for Orthodox missions. The support will help our efforts to train, recruit, and send missionaries into the world. This is the inaugural year for our newest annual fundraiser. It has been set up as a virtual and interactive event.


Q: What do you mean by virtual and interactive?

 A virtual event is an online event that does not require participants and supporters to physically gather at a specific location but utilizes technology to help bring everyone together. During these trying and social isolating times, since we cannot meet in person, our staff at the Mission Center came together with this wonderful event!  


Trek4Missions is interactive because you can complete your activity on your own time and terms. We are challenging you to hit your miles and share why you support Christ's Great Commission and sending missionaries into the world. Your activity will bring awareness to those who have not yet heard!


Q: When is the Trek4Missions?

 The event begins on Sunday, August 9, on the anniversary of the Glorification of St. Herman of Alaska, and concludes on Monday, September 14, for the feast of the Elevation of the Life-Giving Cross.


Q: Does every Trek participant get a T-shirt?

 Every registered participant will receive a T-shirt. Shirts will be received by mail.


Q: Can anyone participate?

 Yes! Young or old. Fast or slow. If you are a walker, runner, swimmer, cyclist, or like to stay active, you can participate. We encourage all ages and ability levels.


Q: What precautionary measures against COVID-19 are there in place for the event?

 The 2020 Virtual Trek4Missions operates on an honor system. Participants are asked to follow their local community's social distancing guidelines. If you do not know the necessary measures taken in your area, we recommend following those identified by the US CDC. 


Q: How can my business sponsor the Trek?

 Please see our sponsorship opportunities for more information. Go to Sponsor Page 



 Q: Do I have to register to participate?

 Yes, we want to know that you are trekking for missions with us. Every walker is to fill out a waiver and create their fund raising page.


Q: Is there a registration fee?

 There are no registration fees to participate in the Trek4Missions. We encourage participants to make a small donation to help jump start their fundraising. 


Q: How do I register?

 To register for the Virtual Trek4Missions, Join a Team or Register as an Individual


Q: Can I register a family member?

 Yes, you can register family members by clicking "Add Family Member" button during registrations. 



 Q: How do I form a team?

 Forming a Trek Team is easy! First receive a blessing from your parish priest if you are creating one for your parish. Click “Start a Team.” You will automatically become the team captain for your team. Setup a team password. Then, ask friends, family, and fellow parishioners to join your team and help support OCMC to send out missionaries into the world. Make sure you share the password! If you are a parish team, include the name of the parish and city/state.

 E.g. St. Mark Orthodox Church - Jacksonville, FL


Q: How many people should be on my team?

 We recommend teams of at least 10 people, however, there is no required number. Tell your friends, family, and fellow parishioners why you are trekking for missions and ask them to join! You will have your team in no time!


Q: What responsibilities does a team captain have?

 Trek Team Captains are the foundation of the Trek4Missions. As a team captain, you will engage your parish, recruit your team, help them fundraise, keep them motivated, and have fun participating in Christ’s Great Commission. To help lead your team to success, you will have access to the team’s Fundraising profile, along with numerous tools to assist along the way. We ask that Team Captains submit a Trek4Missions Track log summarizing their team’s activity each week. Please see Team Captain for Weekly Log or CLICK HERE. Submit your logs to each week.


Q: Can I update my Team Page after registration?

 Yes, a Team Captain can update their page at any time. Log in the Participant Center and click My Team Tab found half way down the page. You can edit your Team Name, URL setting, page content, edit your goal, and more. 



 Q: Can I fundraise on Facebook?

 Yes, you can connect your fundraising page to your Facebook by first logging into your Participant Center. Then scroll down until you see the Facebook Fundraising box, as seen in image below. 

Facebook Fundraiser

Click Connect Fundraiser to Facebook, then follow the necessary steps to open Facebook. Once completed, your Facebook will be connected your box will notify you with a link to your Facebook Fundraiser. Now you can invite friends to donate, share on your page, thank friends by commenting on their gift and more. Any changes you make to your Fundraising Page will be seen on Facebook. 


Q: How do I start fundraising?

Start by sharing your personal story on why you are fundraising for Orthodox mission work and participating in the Trek4Missions. Utilize your personal fundraising page by logging in to the participant center and updating your page. You can send emails, post news & updates on your trek, and more. Make sure you check it out.


Q: How do I get pledges?

Pledges are one unique way to fundraise for the event. Approach or message (email, text, call, etc.) supporters when you are making your ask. Be sure to emphasize that you are collecting pledges, not donations. A pledge is a promised donation that is made at a later date. Supporters can make their committment early. Share with them how easy it is to donate to your cause on your fundraising page. 

Consider including a condition in your ask to help keep supporters invested in your activity. Challenge them to give a certain amount per mile you complete, your team completes, or the number of participants you have on your team. This is a great opportunity to stay connected with them during the event. Send frequent updates on your miles, offer a short reflection, and/or consider highlighting one of OCMC's various programs and missionaries currently serving in the field. Possibilities are endless. 

Ex: John is making a pledge to Susan's Trek4Missions fundraising. Susan is planning to total 100 miles during the event. John would like to give $1 for each mile Susan completes. At the end of the Trek, Susan finished her 100 miles making John's promised donation $100. John fulfills his promise by donating to Susan's fundraising page. Susan sends a thank you immediately following the pledge. 


Q: What is the Participant Center?

The Participant Center is a web page where you can manage your event experience. From the Participant Center, you can tell your story to inspire others to donate, send email messages to recruit team members and solicit funds from family and friends, and track progress toward a fundraising goal. 


Click here to watch full-screen.

Q: Can I customize my Personal Page?

Yes. To edit pages, log in to the Participant Center and scroll half way down the page. You will see the Me tab listing various components. Choose which component you would like to personalize. To edit the content of these pages select "Edit Content" to edit images then select "Update Media". 


Q: How do I turn in cash and check donations?

To turn in cash, contact your local parish to collect and mail out a check to OCMC. All donations are Tax-deductible. OCMC is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

All checks can be made out to "Orthodox Christian Mission Center" and designated to"Trek4Missions - <Insert Participant Name>.

Contact the Mission Center for assistance by calling our toll free line at (877) 463-6784. 


Mail To:

  220 Mason Manatee Way

Saint Augustine, FL 32086

Trek Day - Hitting Your Miles

 Q: Where does the Trek begin?

The Trek4Missions starts on Sunday, August 9 at any time and anywhere you would like to be active. Whether it's in your neighborhood, your favorite bike trail, or in your church’s parking lot, it's all up to you.


Q: What can I do to stay active?

All forms of activity are allowed if you can track your miles or steps. Whether you are a community of walkers, runners, cyclist, swimmers, or you just like to stay active. All activities can be completed inside or outside. Set your mile goal (60 miles, 100 miles, 200 miles) and plan out trek for the next five-weeks.

               E.g. Each week plan to do 12 miles for a total of 60 miles.


Q: How do I track and log my miles?

This event is on an honor system. Participants can track their total distance however they like. As there are various ways to accurately record one’s activity, the most accurate is with a Running GPS watch or free apps available with smart devices via phones, watches, etc.

To log your miles, there are two ways we that recommend.

      1. The social-fitness app Strava. Download and sign up for group activity!
      2.  Fill out a Trek4Missions Tracking Log and submit your activity to your Team Captains. For the Tracking Log CLICK HERE.

Q: How do I use Strava?

Strava is a social-fitness tracking app. It is free to download. Once you create your profile, scroll around, and check out the app. Add friends from social media, those already using the app, and fellow trek team members to share your progress and reasons for being active. On your profile you can set weekly goals to help make sure you get out there.

 Join our official OCMC Strava club, OCMC Trek4Missions. We will share the group's activity each week on our Event Homepage. 

 If you are having a hard time navigating Strava, use our Tracking Log.


Q: How to Record my activity on Strava?

You can record your activity by going to the bottom of the app and click “Record” icon. From there, push start when you are ready and begin your activity. Once finished push STOP then FINISH. You can then customize your activity by adding photos, provide a description, and how you felt about it. Save and share your miles with friends and family.

We encourage everyone to join OCMC’s Strava called OCMC Trek4Missions. Anyone can join, and we would love to see and recognize your participation in the Trek4Missions event. We will post running challenges to help you get out and meet your goal!

Individual Participants:

We encourage all individual participants to join our Strava club at OCMC Trek4Missions. Post and share with us your activity! 

Trek Teams:

All Trek Teams and their team captains are encouraged to create their own Strava Club for members to join. You can form your club by logging into Strava on your computer and choosing Create Club. Add the name of your Trek Team that is the same as your Team Fundraising page. Offer a short description for your group. Customize your Strava Club URL. Once finished click “Create Club”. Once on your Club’s dashboard you may customize the profile image, page information, create running events and more. Team Captains, be sure to submit your Trek4Mission Tracking Log to for your teams miles.


**Note: Club dashboard can only be accessed on personal computer or web browsers; it does not appear on the Strava app.


More information:

Here are several Strava Articles for more information to help you get ready.