Team Captain

Your Role as Team Captain

 By having a captain, your team members are proven to be better motivated and active than their individual counterparts. Lead your team by example! Show them that its easy, fun, and rewarding to be a fundraiser.


What are your responsibilities?

  • Create your team by recruiting your friends, family, and fellow church members to join! Host an interest meeting at your parish or on a video call to share the event.
  • Register online by visiting and click Form A Team – Become a Team Captain
  • Set a team fundraising and mile goal. Challenge each team member to commit to a personal goal. OCMC challenges each team to complete a minimum of 1,200 miles and raise at least $2,000. A good personal goal to start at is 60-100 miles and $200 per member.
  • Customize your team and personal fundraising pages in the Participant Center. Share pictures and stories about why you and your team are supporting Orthodox missions.
  • Encourage your team members to register online. This will make sure their activity is recognized. Ask them to set up their personal pages and send emails to spread the word. 
  • Record and track your team's miles. Send weekly updates to OCMC at Two methods:
    • Form a team club on Strava, the social-fitness app. Invite your team members to join. Also encourage everyone to join the OCMC's Strava Club at OCMC Trek4Missions!
    • Have team members fill out a Trek Mile Tracking Log and submit their activities to you. 
  • Recruit team members to assist you, there is no need to take on all the work yourself. A little help goes a long way.
    • Help team members with their fundraising.
    • Plan a kickoff and/or celebration event. Maybe something virtual. Be creative.
    • Highlight different OCMC programs each week and offer reflections in your parish bulletins.
    • Help track your team's mileage. Follow your team’s Strava club or collect logs. 
    • Submit Tracking Log to OCMC at




 Team Together