2020 Virtual Trek4Missions

Jump starting our Trek in Acadia!
Jump starting our Trek in Acadia!

Team Cardinal

 Welcome to our OCMC 2020 Virtual Trek4Missions!

This summer our family has accepted the challenge to participate in the 2020 Virtual Trek4Missions. We’re asking you to please help us in this important effort to support the training and building up of Orthodox missionaries.

Our family believes in mission! Seven of us have been on Orthodox mission trips, one of us is an OCMC board member, and one an Orthodox Youth Mission Team (OYMT) leader (and we’ve got another teen prepping to go next year!).

Team Cardinal pledges to complete 500 miles of walking, running, hiking, biking and kayaking by Sept. 14th for Orthodox mission work. We are hoping to raise funds and awareness for OCMC’s work of making disciples of all nations, bringing people to Christ and His Church. Did you know there are over 1 billion people who have yet to hear the Gospel message? OCMC is committed to sending missionaries to reach them.

OCMC is supported by individuals like you and me. Donations large and small help OCMC to recruit, train, send, and support missionaries who are taking up their cross to follow Christ.

Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! In fact, a donor has pledged to match every dollar contributed to our team up to $4,000. 

Join us to help send disciples and change lives! by donating to our team page. We greatly appreciate your support. 

Together we can help bring the life-transforming Gospel into the world. 





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