Welcome to the Colombia - Cerete Teaching Virtual Mission Team!  A nascent Orthodox community invites you to teach virtually about Orthodox Missions.  Join this warm community and challenge them to grow in their faith as they learn more about how the Church has spread around the world throughout history.

Teams to Colombia were postponed due to the Covid pandemic but OCMC continues to offer catechism virtually because the faithful are thirsty for a deeper understanding of our Orthodox faith in these newly established communities. Many of the faithful in Cerete are new to the Orthodox Church. Teaching will be offered to adults and youth. Fr. Rafael Padilla, the local priest, is very eager to advance the mission of the Church in his communities who are very excited about the Faith. 

Spanish speakers are needed on this Team to help with translation.  Volunteer on this Team, Saturday June 5, 2021, to build bonds between Orthodox communities in South and North America. Registration fee $45.

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