Welcome to the  Albania - Home of Hope Youth Virtual Mission Team II! The Home of Hope, home to about 15 youth, sits high upon a hilltop with views of fields and the historic city of Durres and surrounded by a monastery, convent and Orthodox seminary. We invite you to join us to offer a Virtual experience to the youth.

Focusing on the topic of our role in keeping the earth, and especially water, cleaner, the Team will introduce the topic of caring for Creation and what we can do to impact the health of our planet. Join the summer Virtual Albania Youth Team where the youth who reside at the Children’s Home of Hope, will learn more about God’s Creation and our responsibility to help keep our water and earth clean. Team members will provide a visible witness of the faith as well as be an expression of Christian love by giving of their time and talent to show the youth how connected the Orthodox world truly is.

The Team will be planned by OCMC missionary to Albania, Pamela Barksdale. Team members who have experience in youth work, camps or teaching (English, religious education) are needed. Volunteer for this outreach, September 4, 2021!


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