Welcome to the Colombia - Cerete Virtual Teaching Team IV Fr. Rafael Padilla has been ministering at San Atanasio de Alejandria parish in the village of Cerete for 5 years. Join this Team and teach the youth and adults of this community while you challenge them to grow in their faith.

We need individuals to teach on the fourth Virtual Team in Cerete because the faithful are thirsty for a deeper understanding of the Orthodox faith. Fr. Rafael, who grew up in Monteria and later attended school in Medellin, is responsible for bringing the Orthodox Church to this area which did not have any Church. Many of the faithful, who were looking for a Church that is steeped in the history and tradition of Orthodoxy, come from Protestant or Catholic backgrounds, even though there wasn’t an actual Church in Cerete. Teaching will be offered to adults and youth. Fr. Rafael Padilla is very eager to continue this teaching relationship between Team Members and the faithful his community.

Spanish speakers are needed on this Team to help with translation.  Volunteer on this Team, Sunday, September 26, 2021. Registration fee $45.

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