Welcome to the  Indonesia-Bali Catechism Virtual Team! All Saints Orthodox Church is a parish, a community, home and a haven for many.  Under the  Metropolis of Singapore and South Asia, they have been shepherded by Fr. Stephanos Ninos Boik since their inception.  Situated near the coast, All Saints has provided a Christian model of love to this majority Hindu Island.  One of Fr. Stephanos's first accomplishments was to establish the St. Thomas Orphanage in Singaraja.  Offering a stable place to study, assistance with school costs, encouragement to excel, and spiritual guidance, many of the young people who have called St. Thomas home are now working and parents themselves.

This mission effort in Bali is meeting the needs of many who are searching to learn who God is and who want to develop a relationship with Him.  The Hindu and Christian understanding of salvation are very different, and All Saints is the place that the Balinese people are given a first-hand glimpse of what love really is.  It is here that the Orthodox understanding of family and God as a loving father is taught by experiencing love in action.  

This Team will offer those in Bali a way to connect with other Orthodox faithful and learn more about their faith.  Team members will teach, encourage and provide an expression of Christian love by giving of their time and talent to show how connected the Orthodox world truly is. Join us August 20, 2021 (am & pm)!  Registration fee $45.


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