Welcome to the Indonesia Medan Virtual Mission Team to St. Paul Theological School Students from the Theological School will gather November 11 & 12, 2021 (2-3 hours each day) to learn and discuss building Christian character and fighting against evil.  Under the Metropolis of Singapore and South Asia, St. Paul Theological School is shepherded by Fr. Chrysostom and Presbytera Elizabeth Manula.  Situated in the bustling city of Medan, St. Paul has provided an exceptional education with a Christian foundation to over a thousand graduates in this majority Muslim nation.  Situated next to the St. Demetrios Paroikia, the St. paul Seminary students learn about the Orthodox Church and visit the parish as part of their education.   

This mission effort in Medan is meeting the needs of many who are searching to learn who God is and who want to develop a deeper relationship with Him.  The goals of this Virtual outreach are to enrich people with the knowledge of God, to empower them to share the Christian faith and most importantly to share the hope of Christ during this time of the Covid pandemic.   

 Team members will teach, encourage and provide an expression of Christian love by giving of their time and talent to show how connected the Orthodox world truly is.   Join us November 11 & 12th!  ($60.00 registration fee)

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