Welcome to the Kisumu Clergy Wives III Mission Team!  The Orthodox Diocese of Kisumu & Western Kenya is an active and vibrant place where many Orthodox churches and ministries thrive. Hilly terrain, with savannahs, homesteads and farmland are speckled throughout the region. It is here that Orthodox clergy minister to over a hundred parishes, and clergy wives work, raise their families, support their husbands and participate in the Church’s ministries.

This Team will offer a small group of Kenyan clergy wives ('Papadhias') a way to connect with other women and learn more about about establishing a project which will help the women support themselves. Team members will teach, encourage and provide an expression of Christian love by giving of their time and talent to show the Papadhias of Kenya how connected the Orthodox world truly is.

The Team is hosted by the Bishop of Kisumu, Marcos, and the head of the Papadhias of the Diocese. Clergy wives, priests and other faithful individuals interested in teaching about the tenants of our faith are needed to teach and encourage these faithful papadhias.. Join us May 14, 2022!

Registration Fee: $60

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