“Thank you for the opportunity of meeting with our people with such missionary spirit and sharing the message of Jesus Christ and Orthodoxy. We thank you for such opportunity!
– Fr Rafael Padilla, host Colombia Team ‘19 



Cerete, COLOMBIA – The White Gold Capital awaits you! Known for its cultivation of cotton and cattle raising, Cerete is an area rich in tradition and culture and the place where a nascent Orthodox Church is taking root. From Cerete, outreach has happened to the communities of Cartagena de Indias and Manaura (Guajira). We have been asked to teach about the Ten Commandments and help foster a deeper understanding of Orthodoxy to these newly established communities.

Even though Mission Teams to Colombia were postponed due to the Covid pandemic, we have been invited to offer catechism virtually because the faithful are thirsty to learn more about our faith. Teaching will be offered to adults and young people, many who are new to Orthodoxy. Fr. Rafael Padilla, the local priest, is very eager to offer this 1-day event.

Colombia is a country at the northern tip of South America. Its landscape is marked by rainforests, beaches, the Andes mountains and cotton and coffee plantations. Colombians are very proud of their rich history and natural reserves which are filled with beautiful flora and fauna. The Orthodox Church is growing in cities around the country which has moved toward stability since a peace process was initiated in 2004. Orthodox Christians are a minority Church among other religious groups, but the newly established communities of Cerete, Cartagena and Guajira are growing and have roughly 250 faithful. The community in Cerete is hoping to build its first church, but they are presently gathering outdoors.

His Eminence Athenagoras, Metropolitan of Mexico is the hierarch of the Metropolis of Mexico, Central America, Columbia, Venezuela, and the Caribbean Islands under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. He was enthroned in 1997. In 2006, the Church in Colombia was established, which has grown to 15,000 Colombian Orthodox in cities and towns around the country. Archimandrites Athenagoras Perez, Timoteo Torres and Isichios Thanos, are new bishops serving in the Holy Metropolis of Mexico. Archimandrite Timoteo Torres was elected Assistant Bishop under the title “Bishop of Assos” and he, along with Bishop Athenagoras, are the first Colombian Bishops in the history of the Orthodox Church.

Volunteer on this Team to build bonds between Orthodox communities in South and North America. Spanish-speakers are welcomed.

Dates: September 26, 2021

Cost: $45 registration fee

Fund raisingTeam Members are encouraged to invite others to participate in this effort through prayer and tax-deductible donations. If you would like to contribute to this project, which is also supported by the OCMC, we are grateful for your support.

Share in a journey of faithOrthodox Mission Team members are challenged to view the world with God's eyes and seek how He wants to use them to fulfill His plans. This cross-cultural experience, combined with outreach, offers participants a life-changing learning experience. This experience is about people, culture and missions. It is also about prayer, for you and others; it is about God, those you serve, and about yourself, as you serve Him.