BALI, INDONESIA – Do you love teaching? Join this Virtual Team to reach out to a handful of individuals on the island of Bali where nearly 90% of the people are Hindu. Be a part of an uplifting event that will bring together the community of All Saints Orthodox Church and offer lessons and encouragement during these challenging times.

From the time of Christ, nine Hindu sects existed in Bali, each with a different god. Presently, Balinese Hinduism is a combination of the Shiva sect of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. Rituals and ceremonies play a large role in the lives of the adherents. The personal spiritual experience seeks unity with the universe.

For much of its known history, Bali has been influenced by other nations that have left their mark on the gentle people including the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Dutch and others. Tourism, over the last three decades has led to a dramatic increase in the standard of living. Two bombings (2002 and 2005) though have resulted in reduced tourism and in 2017, Mount Agung erupted five times, causing evacuation of thousands, disruption of air travel and environmental damage. The 95-mile-wide island sits at the eastern tip of a chain of islands that comprise Indonesia. Tourism makes up 80% of the economy and the covid pandemic has taken a huge toll on the livelihood of the island.

Assist the Orthodox Church in Indonesia with its ongoing mission by being part of a family-focused ministry in Singaraja, Bali. Teach about the Orthodox understanding of parish life and raising children which will benefit individuals who are new to the faith. This Indonesia Virtual Team has been invited by His Eminence Metropolitan Constantine of Singapore and South Asia to teach the basics of Orthodoxy in theory and praxis.

Dates:  August 20, 2021 (am & pm)

Cost:  $45 registration fee 

Fund raising – Team Members are encouraged to support, and fund raise to make this event successful.

Share in a journey of faith… Orthodox Mission Team members are challenged to view the world with God's eyes and seek how He wants to use them to fulfill His plans. This cross-cultural experience, combined with outreach, offers participants a life-changing learning experience. This experience is about people, culture and missions. It is also about prayer, for you and others; it is about God, those you serve, and about yourself, as you serve Him.