Welcome to the 2023 OCMC Trek4Missions! 


The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) invites all local parishes and Orthodox mission supporters across the nation. We begin on the Feast of Transfiguration (Sunday, August 6) and conclude the during the afterfeast of the Elevation of the Life-Giving Cross (Sunday, September 17).   


 What is the OCMC Trek4Missions? 


The OCMC Trek4Missions is a six-week interactive fitness challenge like a virtual 5k or cycling event, that brings awareness and raises funds for global Orthodox mission work. This event is about staying healthy, having fun outdoors, and uniting our OCMC community in purpose as the Body of Christ. There are no lines, no specific event locations, or parking frustrations. 

During the trek whether you're in California, New York, Texas, or Florida, we want participants of all ages to demonstrate their commitment to Christ's Great Commission to go and "make disciples of all nation" by completing miles for missions. You can go for a run, ride your bike on a trail, swim laps, walk your furry friends, and even go on long hikes with your family. Be creative, the world is your course!


 Our goal:  


1) Virtually complete 25,000 collective miles to represent the Good News of Jesus Christ being shared around the world. 

2) Raise $50,000 to provide criticial resource which will help recruit, train, and send future missionaries and further OCMC ministries with our global partners. Together we have the power to create lasting change.


 How to Participate? 


This is a great opportunity to be active and demonstrate one’s commitment to Christ’s Great Commission “to make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). We challenge you to participate on your own or gathering your friends, family, local parish, and even youth groups to form a team. Decide how you would like to complete your missions and for how long. Whether you are a community of walkers, runners, swimmers, cyclists, or like to stay active, and if it's for one day, one week, or the entire event. 

How cool would it be to complete number of miles that Ss Cyril & Methodius accomplished when they journeyed from Rome to the Moravia Region? Over 760 miles! Maybe contribute to the national total and help us reachSt. Herman’s 7,300-mile trek from Valaam Monastery to Kodiak, Alaska?

Here is how you can get started: 

  •  Create your fundraising page! 

Register as an individual or form a Trek Team to create your fundraising page.


  • Set a fundraising and mile goal.

Decide how much you would like to raise and plan how you to collect pledges/donations from your friends and family. Share with them your story and why you are completing miles for missions.

  • Complete and track your miles.

On the Feast of Transfiguration, begin your activity. The world becomes your course! Go for a run or walk in the neighborhood or on a treadmill. Ride a bike down a trail. Anything you can do to track your distance. Plan time for your group to meet up and do it together. Organize a one-time fun run for your parish community. Don't forget to log your activity online or on Good Move (more to come).

 *Make sure to practice the necessary social distancing guidelines in your area.